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CORVETTE Radar Mounts

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C7 Stingray Escort/Passport Mirror Mount CORVETTE Radar Mounts
C7 Stingray Escort/Passport Mirror Mount CORVETTE Radar Mounts C7 Stingray Escort/Passport Mirror Mount CORVETTE Radar Mounts


C7 Stingray Escort/Passport Mirror Mount CORVETTE Radar Mounts

Corvette C7 Stingray Escort/Passport Mirror Mount. 

Escort/Passport/Bel Mirror Mount:  Mount your radar detector to your mirror bracket.  Keeps your detector concealed and in proper alignment for unencumbered radar and laser detection.  Powder-coated black to match your unit.  Harder to detect from the outside than the mounting bracket supplied with the detector and your detector can still be easily removed from the bracket. [Patent Pending].

                                                         (Valentine 1 detector is shown)

Shipped with complete instructions, however, you can click HERE to see the installation instructions.




Thanks for the V1 C7 bracket. This unit works great. The unit attaches nicely to the mirror and is level and the angle is perfect for the V1. I am very happy the way this mounts under the mirror and gets the V1 off the windshield. Nice design.  John D


Received the mirror mount on Saturday.  Installed today, went out for a drive today over all kinds of roads and it works great.  No wiggle, no movement, stayed put with no issues.  This is the best fit  Jimmy


Initially, I was concerned that the V1 seemed to be a loose fit, but once I pushed it into place it held just fine. Your holder is rigid and does not vibrate, which was one of my concerns with any mirror mount. I have slightly over 500 miles, took two road trips and the unit functioned perfectly, with no bouncing around, vibrating or rattling.  For me, this seems to be the most effective, certainly the simplest and the cleanest/neatest install method. I hate suction cups, both as to the way they look as well as their reliability (Florida heat brutalizes them and they fall off or slip).  Brad D.


Just finished the install of your Mirror Mount on my 2016 C7 Corvette, for the Valentine 1. Just a few little adjustments with the mount and she mounted up beautifully. Can't even see the V1 from the front window. Very stealthy. Thanks so much for developing this great (and reasonably priced) mount. Give you guys an A+ on design.Bob B CORVETTE Radar Mounts

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